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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of vehicles do you work on?

We work on ALL makes and models!

Cars, light to medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, vans, SUVs, commercial vehicles, emergency response units and motorhomes (RV'S)

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: cash, debit, visa, mastercard, electronic funds transfer, or fleet cards such as Holman and Element. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call us at 613-623-6508, use our online service request form, or email to book. 

What kind of trailers can you repair?

We repair all sorts of trailers. This could refer to: flat bed, enclosed, utility, dump, travel, deckover, float, equipment, gooseneck, tilt, landscaping, car haulers, recreational, livestock (horse or cattle), fifth (5th) wheel, boat, motorcycle trailers, etc.

Do you sell, install and balance tires?

Yes! We sell tires. Access to popular brands like: Michelin, Firestone, Goodyear, BFGoodrich, Bridgestone, Cooper, etc.

At our location, our Licensed Technicians can install and balance tires. Allow us to do your seasonal tire changeovers from Winter to Summer. 

What about Wheel Alignments?

No, we do not offer wheel alignment services. Wheel balancing corrects an imbalance in the tire and wheel assembly to ensure smooth rotation. While wheel alignment adjusts the angles of the wheels to optimize handling and tire wear.

Can I get a trailer hitch installed?

Ofcourse! We can supply and install basically any type of trailer hitch or wiring harness required. The wiring harness is needed for the lights and brakes. Depending on your towing needs, there is different options to go with. Our Parts Team will help find what's right for you. Whether that's a Receiver from Class I-IV, Fifth Wheel, Gooseneck, Weight Distribution, Ball or Pintle. 

Do you offer mobile repairs?

As of 2024, we no longer offer mobile repairs. 

Is it possible to drop off my vehicle outside of regular hours?

Yes. Near our front entrance, there is a key drop-off box that is installed. Park your car in our lot and put your keys in the designated slot.

Who is required to get an Annual Safety Inspection?

In Ontario, Annual Safety Inspections are required for vehicles, including trucks and trailers that have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) over 4,500 kg.  If you are using your vehicle or trailer for PERSONAL USE ONLY, you are not required to complete an Annual Safety. 

Vehicles that require an annual safety inspection every 12 months include:

  • most trucks, trailers and converter dollies, alone or in combination, with a total gross weight, registered gross weight or manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of more than 4,500 kg

  • tow trucks 

  • concrete pumps and mobile cranes 

Vehicles that require an inspection every 6 months include:

  • vehicles with seating capacities of 10 or more passengers (not including the driver), such as buses, large passenger vans and limousines. the driver), including large passenger vans and limousines

  • school purposes vehicles used for transporting six or more persons

  • accessible vehicles

What about a Safety Standards Certificate?

In Ontario, a Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) is required for certain vehicles before they can be registered or transferred to a new owner.

  1. Passenger vehicles (cars, vans, SUVs) with a gross weight or registered gross weight of 3,000 kg or less

  2. Light-duty trucks with a gross weight or registered gross weight of 3,000 kg or less

  3. Trailers with a gross weight or registered gross weight of 1,360 kg or less, excluding homemade trailers

Can you do body work on my car?

No, we do not perform body work. This normally includes repairing of dents, scratches, or rust damage. Body work can also involve painting or refinishing the exterior of the vehicle to restore its appearance. We recommend going to a business that specializes in these type of jobs.

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